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Big Data for Better Health

Enhancing Wellness at Scale

Big Data for Better Health: Enhancing Wellness at Scale

Improving Public Health and increasing revenue by Combining Pollution, Weather, Traffic and Sick Leave Data

Big Data for Better Health: Enhancing Wellness at Scale. By harnessing the power of big data and combining diverse sources such as pollution, weather, traffic, and sick leave records, public health is improved and revenue is increasing. Real-time data from multiple sources provides easy access to pollution and traffic projections, enabling informed decision-making for daily activities and effective policymaking on environmental issues. With the availability of five different dashboards, people can make smarter decisions and plan their day more efficiently.

Improving staffing efficiency and boosting revenue using BI

A major European department store chain faced personnel planning challenges due to a large network of stores and tens of thousands of employees across Europe. High volumes of sick leave and late arrivals caused by traffic created sporadic and unpredictable staffing shortages, resulting in reduced revenue.

After adopting Mz Eco, the client had access to predictive data and was able to plan for staffing shortages up to a year in advance. By utilizing data on employee location, sick-leave history, weather forecast, pollution levels, traffic, and other health-related factors, they could effectively determine where and when additional staff were required. This allowed them to to optimize personnel force efficiently, resulting in increased revenue.

The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

Dashboard tools helps population make smart decisions

The Health Scoreboard analyses 12M respiratory disease-related processes and 840M pollutant values over 2 years by cross-referencing clinical, geographical, climatological, and air quality data.

The Pollution Dashboard analyzes information from 5000+ control stations throughout Spain to determine air quality and incorporate levels of ozone, sulfur, and nitrogen dioxide.

The Climate Dashboard uses AEMET’s climatological data, including temperature, winds, rainfall, and humidity, to provide recommendations based on a two-year analysis.

The Vehicle Dashboard analyzes the two-year evolution of vehicle-associated pollutants, provides recommendations to help plan a route, and breaks down the information by province.

The Carbon Footprint Dashboard provides information on the carbon footprint, CO2,which enables strategies to reduce and/or offset emissions through public or private programs.

Mercanza is the number 1 provider of Qlik solutions in Spain. Using Business Intelligence, Mercanza helps their clients increase productivity and business management of their everyday operations.

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