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What we do

Software & Expert Services.

We develop and deliver leading technology, combining software and expert services towards business-critical applications.


We develop and deliver leading technology for business-critical applications.

We evolve business-critical applications of society

We build solutions based on our own IP and partner with leading industry providers to evolve our customers’ digitalisation

Cutting-edge software and deep technical knowledge

We provide the specialized technologies and services our clients need for digital evolution. Whether it is developing software, digital infrastructure or future technologies, we have the best-in-class of each service.

We evolve the critical solutions in society

We deliver software and expert services to critical functions in society such as banks, financial services, insurance and public sector.


We deliver solutions on a software-as-a-service model in order to offer a wide range of functionality in a simplistic model for our clients.


Evolving the Polish exam system

The biggest IT project for public services in Poland

Arc Consulting

From Repetitive Tasks to Autonomous Automation

From repetitive tasks to autonomous automation

Bright Inventions

Transforming the Dispatching Industry

Transforming the dispatching industry – Revolutionising efficiency and expanding business horizons with a custom-built system.

We deliver mission critical niched software and expertise

In today’s digital age, automation, robotics, AI, blockchain, data analytics, BI, cloud, monitoring, performance, cybersecurity, and infrastructure are all critical aspects of modern business operations. By leveraging these technologies, companies can streamline their processes, optimize performance, and enhance their security posture. Automation and robotics can automate repetitive tasks, while AI and data analytics provide valuable insights into customer behavior and business operations. Blockchain technology offers an immutable and secure way to record and transfer data, while BI solutions can help businesses to make data-driven decisions. By implementing robust monitoring and cybersecurity measures, companies can also ensure the performance and security of their infrastructure. Overall, these technologies are vital for businesses looking to stay competitive and thrive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Empower Your Business with Software, Apps, and Cutting-Edge Technologies

Software, apps, games, architecture, DevOps, test & QA, ERP, enterprise management, CRM, CMS, and digital workplace are all critical components of modern business operations. Software, apps, and games are all integral to engaging with customers and driving business growth, while architecture and DevOps ensure the robustness and scalability of these applications. Thorough test & QA processes are necessary to ensure that the software is of high quality and meets the customers’ expectations. ERP and enterprise management systems help to streamline operations and optimize performance, while CRM solutions provide valuable insights into customer behavior and enhance customer engagement. CMS platforms help businesses to manage their online content more efficiently, and digital workplace tools empower employees to work more collaboratively and efficiently. By leveraging these technologies, businesses can enhance their competitiveness, improve their operational efficiency, and drive growth.

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