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A new standard of excellence in each niche.

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A new standard of excellence in each niche.

A stand
out offer.

Our carefully curated combination of brands. All aiming to evolutionise the digitalisation in society.

Software and Expert Services

We provide business critical niche software and expert services. Our B2B products and services enables our clients to achieve greater efficiency and stay ahead of the digital evolution.

Marketing & Tech

We provide leading solutions and expert services within brand development, creative design, tech, and digital marketing enabling our clients to accelerate customer-centric growth.

Our brands.

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Business area


Software engineering


Cloud & Hybrid

Digital Marketing

Creative & Strategy

Operational Sales & Marketing service

Enterprise Efficiency/Performance

App & software development

SaaS for real estate & facility management

Visma ERP specialists

SAP finance & supply-chain specialists

Application performance monitoring

Experts in ERP and integrations

High security digital workplaces

Web development & Advertising

Streaming solution for hybrid meetings

Insurance management saas

Content marketing & Native advertising

ERP and financial solutions

Provides KYC/AML services

Customized digitalisation

IT project management & development consultants

Experts in BI solutions

Content & Design productions

Smart solutions in IT and telecom

SAP solutions and implementation specialists

Digital self-service solutions

Project & resource planning saas

Development, dev ops, testing & saas

Specialists in vertical ERP solutions

Strategic communication & Brand

Digital creative agency within Lifestyle

Comprehensive Cyber Security and Cloud Solutions

Tailor-made outsourced-inhouse agency

Implementation projects and technology services

Digital marketing agency specialized in SEO/SEM

Digital, mobile and blockchain solutions

Intelligent business models by modern technologies

CRM, project- and IT management

Digital marketing agency specialized in SEO/SEM

Nisched headhunting and talent acquisitions

Hosting, IT-infrastructure & Visma ERP

Omnichannel digital sales tool

CX, customer service, sales & telemarketing

Brand & Business design

Brand, Communication & Film production

Visma PX experts


Optimised advertising with the power of AI

Optimised advertising with the power of AI


Evolving the Polish exam system

The biggest IT project for public services in Poland

Arc Consulting

From Repetitive Tasks to Autonomous Automation

From repetitive tasks to autonomous automation

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