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For entrepreneurs.

With Lyvia, you get full operational freedom and your company maintains its unique culture.


With Lyvia, you get full operational freedom and your company maintains its unique culture.

Cutting-edge software and deep technical knowledge

We provide the specialized technologies and services our clients need for digital evolution. Whether it is developing software, digital infrastructure or future technologies, we have the best-in-class of each service.

We evolve the critical solutions in society

We deliver software and expert services to critical functions in society such as banks, financial services, insurance and public sector.


We deliver solutions on a software-as-a-service model in order to offer a wide range of functionality in a simplistic model for our clients.

We drive the
digital evolution.

We evolve the digital landscape of tomorrow by fostering innovation, providing evergreen technology and attracting the best talent in business.

CEO talks.

Entrepreneurial freedom

We believe that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship is the foundation of our successful ownership model. For us it is key to keep and foster the entrepreneurial spirit

Solid network

We gather leading entrepreneurs under one roof, which provides unique networking opportunities with leading professionals.

Strategic and operative support

Experienced BoD and collaboration between management teams. Tailored operative support for each individual company

What they say about us.

”We have found home in a visionary group of companies with deep understanding of both technology and entrepreneurship”

CEO Lemontree

”Together we can continue our growth journey in a new exciting phase. It feels very inspiring and challenging”

CEO Sundbom & Partners

”As we continue to grow our performance focused business, we faced new challenges and found our perfect match in Lyvia.”

Founder Jo Kommunikation

Universe .

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