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From IT Giant to a Purposeful Tech Champion

Developing award-winning brand strategy and visual identity system

IT giant

Developing brand strategy and visual identity system

From IT giant to a purposeful tech champion

We are moving towards a world that runs on technology, fueled by hyperconnected data. New markets are emerging where business development and technology are one and the same. This comes with great opportunities, as well as challenges and dilemmas. When TietoEvry needed a new visual identity, we helped them evolve from an IT giant to a purposeful tech champion.

Evolving their brand identity

With an annual turnover of €3 billion, Tietoevry is the leading global technology company with a strong Nordic heritage. Employing around 24,000 experts globally, they serve thousands of enterprises and public sector clients in more than 90 countries — creating solutions that impact the everyday lives of millions of people around the world.

During 2021, the newly merged entity (previously Tieto and EVRY, now TietoEVRY with a interim visual identity) and Seventy Agency embarked on a bold journey together — rethinking, re-engineering, and reinventing their brand and visual identity with the power to create better futures for everyone: businesses, societies, and humanity at large.

Purposeful Technology

To express the essence and purpose of the new Tietoevry, the visual identity embodies their ambition of bringing purposeful technology to life. But all technology development comes with substantial opportunities, as well as challenges and dilemmas. Tietoevry’s new identity is meticulously crafted to reflect this tension, marrying the legacy of the company name with a progressive, creative, and responsible way forward.

With a new identity and brand launched during 2022, Tietoevry has already ranked among the top 25 most valuable brands in IT services — a remarkable achievement. Their success continued in 2023 when Seventy Agency secured the Swedish Design Prize, winning the esteemed People’s Choice Award in the “Graphic Identity – Redesign” category for their impactful rebranding of TietoEvry.

Seventy Agency is  a brand and business design agency that is equal in both its analytical depth as well as in its creative heights.

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