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From Repetitive Tasks to Autonomous Automation

Mitigating risks of human errors and educating a dedicated robotics department

Mitigating risks of human errors and educating a dedicated robotics department

Evolving from repetitive tasks to autonomously streamlining workflows with RPA

Maspex is one of the largest private companies in the Central and Eastern Europe food industry, and as such handles exports to over 70 countries all around the globe. As many other big players, they faced challenges on their administration side, with repetitive activities in their key administrative processes. The finance and accounting department and commercial operations dealt with issues such as reporting financial results, supplier setup, payment deadlines, central promotions, and the preparation of declarations, reports, and SAF-T reporting.

In order to mitigate the risk of human errors and reduce repetitive workloads, Maspex wanted to automate their routine tasks and streamline their workflow, with a software that was tailored to their specific business needs. Enter Archee, the RPA that uses the tools and systems a company already has to fully automate routine work.

A comprehensive approach to digital transformation and independence

After analysing their processes and workstreams, we proposed and implemented a comprehensive approach to digitalising their way of working. By optimising their current workflows and implementing the first automations with the Archee family products, we built a ground upon which Maspex’s can develop further.

In order for Maspex’s RPA team to independently support the company in automation in nearest future, we conducted training sessions in methodology and automation, while acting as advisors during the setup of their dedicated robotics department. Currently, over 100 Archee robots are deployed, with 90% developed by Maspex’s in-house teams. The initiative resulted in the seamless processing of hundreds of thousands of transactions.

Archee is an RPA built on a comprehensive approach to automation and digitalisation. Its main task is to automate repetitive business processes.

Processing thousands of transactions through robotics

The integration of the Archee product family played a pivotal role in addressing Maspex’s automation needs. Archee Components were utilized for building automation using technologies such as VB.NET or .NET. The Archee Robotic Management Center, hosted on Microsoft Azure, controlled all automations, including those in MS Excel, VBA, and robots provided by UIPath or Automation Anywhere. Furthermore, Archee Flow, a platform operating natively in the Microsoft Azure cloud, facilitated the digitalisation of processes.

The implementation of Archee products and the collaborative effort with Maspex’s teams resulted in a streamlined, automated workflow. This approach not only mitigated risks associated with manual processes but also positioned Maspex for continued success in their automation journey.

Arc consulting

ARC Consulting is an advisory company that specialises in creating intelligent business models supported by modern technological solutions. They use workflow platforms, RPA, including their own solution, as well as their expertise and competencies in project management and process knowledge.

What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)?

RPA stands for Robotic Process Automation and is a technology that employs software robots to automate tedious, rule-based digital tasks like data entry and copy-pasting. RPA enhances efficiency by automating mundane activities and freeing up human resources for more valuable work.

Using software robots for rule-based digital tasks, RPA seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems, streamlining processes and boosting productivity. By accessing information from IT systems and integrating with diverse applications, RPA enables organizations to achieve cost efficiencies, empowering humans to concentrate on tasks demanding judgment, creativity, and interpersonal skills.

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