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Growing brand presence globally

Evolving a strong brand across generations through performance marketing

Evolving a strong brand across generations through performance marketing

Evolving a strong brand across generations through performance marketing

Hardanger Bestikk, one of Scandinavia’s premier cutlery brands, is celebrated for its exquisite design and exceptional quality. Previously, they relied exclusively on retailers to sell their products. However, when they launched their online store in 2018, the company recognized the need to incorporate external expertise into their digital marketing strategy. As their close partner, we assist them in leveraging top-tier branding and performance advertising. Throughout the six-year span of this partnership, Hardanger Bestikk has achieved remarkable growth and evolved into a company that harmonises its rich family traditions with innovation and adaptability to new market conditions.

Keeping strong family traditions while focusing on innovation and adaptation to new market conditions

As a third-generation family business, Hardanger are dedicated to managing their heritage and rich traditions with innovation and adaptation to new market conditions. In order to leverage performance marketing across various channels, they opted for a close partnership with us, asking us to partner up with them from strategy to campaign production and distribution.

We started by implementing the technical setup, including conversion tracking, e-commerce metrics, configuration of the Meta Conversion API, pixels, and related elements. This ensured a correct data collection, an important cornerstone in performance marketing in order to reach the desired outcomes.

Through a ROAS-driven model (ROAS = Return-on-Ad-Spend), where the total revenue in the online store was measured against the marketing budgets rolling out in various channels, it was possible to get an overview and analyse the most important KPI:s. To increase the ROAS, the tracking was carefully analysed along with continuously efforts to optimise the advertising.

Brand presence

“Mint has allowed us to focus on our core business while they have taken care of the professional and technical aspects of digital marketing. We have previously used various agencies to address specific market needs, including an attempt to split tasks between two agencies focusing on different geographical markets. However, this approach proved to be inadequate, and Mint Media has now taken over responsibility for both the Norwegian and international markets for our digital marketing”

– Frank Almenning, Sales Director at Hardanger Bestikk


Performance marketing boosting revenue and propelling international expansion

Over 80% of the online store’s revenue was attributed to paid marketing channels like Meta, Google, Bing, and Pinterest annually. With an average yearly increase in ROAS from 2019 to 2023 at impressive 156%, Hardanger Bestikk is continuously increasing their revenue. Particularly noteworthy was the growth in 2023, with 311% increase in annual ROAS compared to 2022.

When the work on the online store commenced in 2018, its focus was solely on catering to Norwegian customers. Today, with help of the performance marketing, the online store has been launched in neighbouring country Sweden as well as other international markets.

Throughout the successful collaboration, which now has spanned over six years, the online store has experienced impressive growth, going from 0 to to a yearly revenue of 10 million NOK.

What is ROAS?

ROAS, or Return on Ad Spend, is a metric used in digital marketing to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. It calculates the revenue generated for every dollar spent on advertising.

ROAS helps businesses understand the return on their advertising investments and make data-driven decisions about future marketing strategies. A higher ROAS indicates a more effective campaign, while a lower ROAS may suggest the need for optimization or a change in strategy.


Mint Media is a subscription-based digital marketing services (google ads, web development, analytics etc.) to the Norwegian SME segment, currently serving ~6k customers across various industries.

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