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Nordic Market Entry: Data-Driven Success

Data-driven success story for robotic take-over of the Nordic Market

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Data-driven success story for robotic take-over of the Nordic Market

Nordic Market Entry: Data-Driven Success

In the dynamic landscape of the Nordic smart home market, there has been a wave of increasing demand that in recent years has swept across the entire smart home appliance industry. To successfully enter the Nordic market, Roborock had to go beyond much of the industry’s conventional product-pushing communication.

A solid performance structure for growing the brand

Roborock, a leading developer of premium robotic vacuum cleaners, faced the challenge of standing out among an increased smart home appliance demand. Despite having leading technology, the company realised that establishing a relatable and emotionally resonant brand was key to capturing the hearts of Nordic consumers in an increasingly crowded industry.

Through a close partnership with Roborock, we successfully revamped their marketing approach. Initiating the process by collecting data metrics through a tracking system across all channels enabled us to inform every subsequent step. This data served as a guide, influencing each stage of the process, from constructing a product feature hierarchy to crafting messages that resonated with the audience.

Fueling Success with Data and Creativity

A local adaptation of Roborock’s brand with a creative twist was developed, simultaneously launching two key products: the S7+ robotic vacuum cleaner and the H7 cordless vacuum cleaner. The efforts included managing PR and events, creating websites, initiating social media campaigns, and launching large out-of-home campaigns.

The carefully crafted advertisements for Roborock appeared on screens and billboards across the Nordics, as well as in France and Germany. The short term results were a 250% increase in site traffic, as well as a 350% increase in clickthrough rate to selected retailers. Roborock managed to enter the Nordic markets successfully and profitably.

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