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Streaming 3D Capacity

Pushing the limits of remote virtual engineering

Pushing the limits of remote virtual engineering

High-performance, 3D workstations streamed and accessible anywhere

Going from outdated workstations and low performance to pushing the limits of virtual engineering by streaming a virtual workstation to any device – even to a low-cost, low-powered tablet.

Outdated workstations prevented efficiency and stalled projects

The client’s outdated workstations could not deliver the necessary performance for the complex 3D models required in their multi-billion dollar construction projects. These expensive and bulky workstation hardware also kept engineers, architects and designers chained to their office desks.

During Covid-19 lockdown they were prevented access to offices and most projects were at standstill. Project timelines were not met. Costs were spiraling.

Virtual workstations streamed to any device using GRID GPU

Our solution pushed the limits of virtual engineering. By streaming faster virtual workstations, we now deliver cost-efficient, high-quality, graphics-accelerated 3D virtual workstations using Virtual Desktops and GRID GPU technology from within the datacenter.

Employees can access the virtual workstation from anywhere, at any device – even to a low-cost, low-powered tablet. Many are using it on the go, in the field. Bringing in new team members now only requires a readily available, off the shelf, cheap laptop.

Improved performance and shorter delivery times

By far and large the best outcome was shortened delivery times and under budget in the construction projects. Thanks to the improved user experience and improved performance with the new GRID GPU cards we saw a boost in productivity and in performance for many demanding apps.

Because the virtual workstation lives in the datacenter, next to the storage solution with super-fast network, there is a significant drop in waiting time for downloading and uploading files, over 330 hours per employee and year. The traffic in the office network has decreased so much that other business critical systems have seen an improvement in performance.

Hours are saved every day in the teams and the overall projects. Help-desk tickets have decreased dramatically, 70% less tickets on the virtual workstations compared to the physical workstations.

Collaboration in the teams increased thanks to the possibility to move around in the office as well as in the field.

Truly pushing the boundaries of virtual engineering

By using a golden image to stream the virtual workstations, the 3D modelling environment can be accessed and visualized anywhere, whether in meetings or on-the-go.

Managers can extend their teams with more staff and all they need is a cheap $500 laptop to get them up and running instead of being tied down to a physical workstation in the price range of $4.000 that each employee needed before.

Now that the company and their employees are no longer tethered to their high-performance physical workstations, together with the expertise of F Consulting they are looking into delivering immersive experiences with wireless virtual, augmented, and mixed reality headsets.

That is why we call it “pushing the limits of virtual engineering”.

This case study of a large enterprise energy company is based on a survey of F Consulting’s customer. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.

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