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a company in Lyvia Group, has acquired Mobile Partner.

Strengthening their capacity and generating increased customer value

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Strengthening their capacity and generating increased customer value

Cloudgruppen solidifies their position with Mobile Partner, completing their offerings

Founded in 2018, Cloudgruppen have steadily evolved as an innovative company in the IT and telecom industry. With headquarter in Malmö, Cloudgruppen have strategically expanded geographically across Sweden. The addition of Mobile Partner, a company specialising in comprehensive telecommunication and data communication solutions, is a key step in broadening Cloudgruppen’s geographical reach. Now covering the northern regions of Sweden while also strengthening their capacity to offer a wider range of services to their clients.

”Over time, Mobile Partner has successfully cemented its place in the market and is now the market-leader in its region. Through the acquisition, we are expanding into a nationwide organisation, positioning ourselves closer to our customers through local presence, and generating increased customer value”, said Alen Lepenica, CEO Cloudgruppen.

This move is not only a testament to Cloudgruppen’s commitment to innovation, but also reflects an expansion in service offerings and strengthening of customer relationships.


From left: Jacob Bergendorff, Mobile Partner, Amanda Öqvist, Lyvia Group and Joakim Gustafsson Mobile Partner

Joakim Gustafsson, Mobile Partner’s owner and CEO said:

“Cloudgruppen, with Lyvia as their owner, is truly the best possible partner to have with us as we now become a national player. Thanks to this partnership, we will continue to work as usual but with more strength and even higher expertise within our business areas.”

The addition of Mobile Partner aligns with Lyvia’s as well as Cloudgruppen’s growth strategy to fortify their position in the market.

“We have had a fantastic development with Mobile Partner in recent years and grown rapidly, both in terms of revenue and personnel. Becoming a part of Cloudgruppen and Lyvia will only strengthen our position in the market,” said Jacob Bergendorff, founder and owner Mobile Partner.

Cloudgruppen remain dedicated to delivering unparalleled solutions and fostering growth within the IT and telecom industry. Mobile Partner will become a part of Cloudgruppen, a company within Lyvia Group.

Cloudgruppen is a company within the IT and telecom industry, developing and delivering smart solutions in IT and telecom, to allow clients to spend more time on their core business.

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