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Lyvia Group acquires Aditso.

Specialists in hosting, IT infrastructure and Visma ERP


Specialists in hosting, IT infrastructure and Visma ERP

Strategic partnership strengthens positioning within ERP and business-critical services

Established in 2011, Aditso is an IT service company that provides a comprehensive product for the operation, support, management, and development of the customer’s application operations. The company holds extensive expertise in navigating various structures and IT environments, catering to the needs of both large corporations and small enterprises. With offices strategically located in Gothenberg, Stockholm, and Söderhamn, Aditso is well-positioned to serve and support their Swedish clients in their IT endeavours. Aditso also holds a distinguished position as the only Swedish Certified Visma Technical Partner offering support to Visma distributors, solidifying its reputation as a leading provider of technical expertise within Visma ERP.

Christian Tholinsson, CEO of Aditso AB said:

“We are excited about the possibilities this acquisition brings. By joining forces with Lyvia Group, we are confident that we can accelerate and expand our market reach. This union creates a dynamic synergy that will drive Aditso AB’s growth and open up opportunities to connect with a vast network of entrepreneurs. In return, we can leverage our expertise in IT-infrastructures and modern workplace solutions to assist other Lyvia companies in building stronger relationships with their clients.”

Aditso has shown a great ability to generate ever-increasing customer and employee value for over a decade, resulting in impressive year-on-year growth as well as steadily increasing margins. This partnership not only strengthens our collective position but also taps into an expansive Total Addressable Market that largely remains untapped.

Andreas Ekblom, Head of Software and Expert Services at Lyvia Group said:

“With Aditso’s first-class offering in private and public hosting, application operations, and exceptional technical skills in Visma ERP we will significantly move forward our position and strengthen our customer offering within Lyvia Group. The partnership offers huge expansive and collaborative possibilities together with our other group companies, paving the way for further organic growth.”

We are eager to unite our strengths and expertise to push their business to new heights, leveraging the clear synergies that exist between our organisations. Aditso broadens Lyvia’s portfolio of business-critical software solutions within ERP as well as positions the company for sustained organic growth.

Aditso is an IT service company specialising in the operation, support, management, and development of IT infrastructure. They deliver innovative and efficient technologies in both hardware and software to large and small businesses.

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