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Lyvia Group acquires Facility Kwadraat.

Leading provider of Facility Management Software

Facility Kwadraat

Leading provider of Facility Management Software

Lyvia Group enters the Benelux market with leading company within facility software

Facility Kwadraat holds a leading position in the software industry, providing comprehensive solutions for facility management, planned maintenance, rental management, and property management. Their proprietary software, WISH, stands out by offering a comprehensive system tailored to streamline facility and real estate processes. From practical mobile solutions for executives to interactive dashboards for administrators and managers, Facility Kwadraat has established itself in the forefront in the industry.

Dick Vink, Co-founder and Director of Facility Kwadraat said:

“We are happy to be a part of Lyvia Group. This alliance marks a significant step for Facility Kwadraat, as we look forward to utilizing Lyvia Group’s collaborative culture and extensive network to expand the reach of our software, WISH, in the international arena. Together, we anticipate substantial growth and success in the Benelux region and beyond.”

By becoming part of the group, Facility Kwadraat positions itself for a global expansion. By leveraging the collaborative culture and extensive network of the group, the company aims to tap into new markets and opportunities.

Hossein Araghi, Investment Partner in Benelux at Lyvia Group, said:

“We are very excited to start our Benelux journey by welcoming Facility Kwadraat to Lyvia group. As pioneers in property and facility management in the Netherlands, they’ve built a company with a substantial portion of profit from recurring revenue. With their innovative SaaS delivery model, they are truly forward-thinking. We take pride in welcoming them to our group.”

We are excited about this significant milestone as it is marking Lyvia’s first entry into the Benelux market. This collaboration sets the stage for a dynamic presence in the thriving Benelux market. Together with Facility Kwadraat, we look forward to explore new opportunities and making an impact in the ever evolving business landscape.

Facility Kwadraat is a SaaS company providing Real-Estate and Facility Management Software. With clients in both the public and private sector, they have over 25 000 users and with their own proprietary software WISH, manage over 500 000 buildings.

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