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Traventus, a part of Lyvia Group, enters the Danish market

May 24th, 2024: New Danish subsidiary offers advanced business solutions with Business NXT and 25 years of expertise

Traventus, a leading provider of customized business solutions in Sweden, today announces the launch of its Danish subsidiary, Traventus ApS. This expansion marks a significant milestone in Traventus' growth strategy, aiming to introduce Visma's new product, Business NXT, to the Danish market. With 25 years of experience in delivering cutting-edge Visma Business solutions, which form the foundation of Business NXT, Traventus is poised to drive digital transformation for businesses across Denmark.

We are excited to extend our expertise and services to the Danish market by launching Traventus ApS," says Mikael Björk, CEO of Traventus. "Our team is committed to helping Danish businesses achieve digital growth and operational excellence through our customized solutions.”

Traventus was named Customer Success Partner of the Year at Visma's latest partner event, an award reflecting high customer satisfaction and the success of their clients. This recognition underscores Traventus' commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and innovative solutions.

The new Danish subsidiary will leverage Traventus' deep expertise and extensive experience to support Danish businesses in their digital development journey. Traventus aims to replicate its success in Sweden, where the company has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking intelligent system solutions to drive growth.

Traventus is a leading specialist in business systems, offering comprehensive solutions for Visma Business, ERP, and Visma Business NXT. With over 300 customers and a strong presence in Sweden, Traventus is dedicated to optimizing business processes and promoting growth through intelligent, customized solutions.

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