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Procon Digital joins Lyvia Group.

Market-leader in digital self-service solutions

Procon Digital

Market-leader in digital self-service solutions

Strengthening Nordics position with market-leader in digital self-service solutions

Procon Digital are a leading provider of digital self-service solutions in the Nordics. They deploy self-service interactive InfoKiosks and screens in locations and premises frequented by people on a daily basis. With a commitment to innovation, the company have expanded its presence to over one-third of Norwegian municipalities, approximately 300 bank offices, and multiple hospitals across Norway. Their success stems from a strategic combination of industry expertise and tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of different sectors.

Tor-Arne Lie Jensen, founder and CEO of Procon Digital, says:

We are very pleased to become a part of the Lyvia Group family . This gives us the opportunity to further develop our digital solutions and benefit from Lyvia Group’s expertise and resources. It has long been a goal for us to create a Nordic constellation with our digital self-service solutions. By joining Lyvia Group, we can achieve this goal together while at the same time reach the European market

Procon Digital have offices in Norway and Sweden, strategically placed for an upcoming international expansion. Their goal is to penetrate the entire Nordic region, a vision that aligns well with the pan-European presence of Lyvia Group.

Ola Stafström, MD Lyvia Group Nordics, said:

Procon Digital’s commitment to advancing technology has positioned them as a premier provider in their field. We are happy and proud that they chose to join us at Lyvia Group

Fabian Assarson, M&A Director Lyvia Group Nordics, adds:

Their leadership in digital self-service solutions enriches our offerings and accelerates our digital evolution goals, and with them as a part of our group we further strengthen our position as a key supplier of the entire value chain of digital solutions

We are excited about the promising future that lies ahead with Procon Digital, and we are committed to supporting their continued expansion in the Nordic region. This strategic move not only reinforces our presence in the region but also underscores our dedication to fostering innovation and providing cutting-edge technology solutions to clients on a pan-European scale.

Procon Digital is a pioneer in digital self-service solutions. The company delivers innovative solutions to the public and private sectors. Together with their clients, they create self-service solutions with interesting and exciting content and which are placed in places and premises where people stay on a daily basis.

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