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Transforming the Dispatching Industry

Revolutionising efficiency and expanding business horizons with a custom-built system

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Revolutionising efficiency and expanding business horizons with a custom-built system

Revolutionising efficiency and expanding business horizons with a custom-built TMS

Every day operations created stress and inefficiency for employees of a company in the dispatching business. They had to keep track of different marketplaces, drivers and routes, make sure packages arrived in time while at the same time analyse offers and answer clients with the shortest time period possible, to be able to win the deal and stay competitive in the market.

The implementation of a tailor-made Transportation Management System (TMS) has not only revolutionised their operations but has also created a more efficient and stress-free work environment for dispatchers.

Paving the way for seamless logistics

Through a collaborative design and MVP development process, the TMS was crafted from the ground up into a comprehensive solution encompassing all the client’s needs. The system scans all marketplaces, improves internal communication, assigns packages strategically to delivery routes, and tracks drivers and messages in real-time. This not only makes the workload more manageable for employees but also makes the whole process more efficient.

Specialised filters enable forwarders to focus on loads that align with their capacity, eliminating those incompatible with their trucks, such as “empty” kilometres. Automated scanning and analysis together with automated responses enable the dispatcher to win more deals as they are quicker than their competitors.  

“Thanks to TMS, our company can now analyse and select transport routes much faster, which translates into forwarders having more time for the most important tasks and thus increasing efficiency in the entire department. Automation of customer contact and unification of databases enable us to focus on the most important operational tasks, reducing errors resulting from transferring data between systems and standardisation of processes at the level of 1 person/forwarder. The introduction of TMS and its further development is the key to success in today’s competitive transport world.” said Mariusz, CEO of the client company

Greater geographical potential

The tailor-made TMS enables simultaneous analysis of loads from across Europe, eliminating previous constraints that restricted analysis to a maximum of five countries. The expansion has opened new business opportunities and broadened the potential reach of the forwarder.

The system now quickly analyses routes for forwarders, cutting the time from 10-30 seconds to just 3-5 seconds per order, saving a total of 300 h per employee and year. Thanks to the TMS, operations are now more efficient and customer response times have been reduced to a minimum. These improvements are crucial for their business and push the client towards a future where they can truly transform the market.

Bright Inventions offers custom software development for organisations of all shapes and sizes – from start-ups and mid-sized companies to renowned NGOs and international organisations.

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