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Lyvia Group secures SEK 1.6 bn.

Establishes financial partnership with leading banks to drive growth

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Establishes financial partnership with leading banks to drive growth

We are proud to announce our bank club with leading Nordic banks

By entering into this partnership, Lyvia Group secures a substantial financing volume of SEK 1.6 bn from the banks Danske Bank and DNB.

Lyvia Group’s mission is to drive digital evolution by developing and delivering leading technologies that combine software and expert services for business-critical applications. This new alliance with two major Nordic banks not only fortifies our growth capabilities but also unlocks exciting opportunities for our continued expansion across Europe.

Lyvia Group’s CEO, Sebastian Karlsson, said:

“It was natural for us to team up with DNB and Danske Bank. We have had a long-standing relationship with Danske Bank since the group was founded, and the way DNB has supported customers during the pandemic embodies the kind of partnership we admire. We are proud and excited to work with partners who build and value strong relationships. This collaboration demonstrates their confidence in our vision, strengthens our financial base and allows us to continue to grow sustainably.”

From left: Erik Mårtensson, CIO Lyvia Group, Fredrik Magnusson, Danske Bank and Sebastian Karlsson, CEO Lyvia Group

Financial partnership

The partnership with DNB and Danske Bank extends beyond financial support, providing us with access to industry expertise as well as the banks’ products and services.

Fredrik Magnusson, Senior Banker & Head of Regional Client, Large Corporate Banking SE at Danske Bank, shared his enthusiasm, stating,

“Lyvia demonstrates a strong ambition and thoroughness in all aspects. We are particularly intrigued by their niche and business model in the future area of digitalisation and with our ongoing and transparent dialogue with Lyvia’s strong team. We are more than excited to be part of their development going forward”.


1.6 bn SEK

From left: Jesper Wiberg, DNB and Sebastian Karlsson, CEO Lyvia Group

Jesper Wiberg, Senior Vice President Corporate Banking at DNB, explained his view,

“The rapid development and strong portfolio of Lyvia impressed us. It encompasses key macro-trends such as digitalisation, which aligns with our future growth areas. The strong financial and strategically well-positioned profile, coupled with effective management, make it an ideal fit. We look forward to following their journey.”

Lyvia Group thanks their bondholders

In April 2023 Lyvia Group was formed through the merger of Mirovia Group and Äleven. We would like to thank
all the bondholders who were pivotal in the early journey of Mirovia Group AB.

Sebastian said,

“First and foremost, we would like to thank our bondholders for their trust in us during the beginning of our journey. We also want to thank Pareto Securities, as well as our lawyers from Gernandt & Danielsson for their support and a straightforward process. We are humbled and thankful that so many have shown early faith in our vision to drive digital evolution.”

Sebastian Karlsson, CEO Lyvia Group

One of the bondholders, Jakob Eliasson, Founder & CIO at Nordic Credit Partners said,

“We are pleased with our investment in Mirovia’s bond. Sebastian and the team delivered in excess of our expectations, and we are confident in the company’s continued success. We look forward to staying in touch and evaluate potential future financing opportunities as and when they arise.”

Join our journey

To all investors and stakeholders, we invite you to join us on this journey as we navigate the digital evolution. Our commitment and advanced technologies, along with this significant funding, lay the foundation for ongoing success and innovation.

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