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New partnership with GigaSpaces.

Accelerating Digital Innovation in EU Enterprises


Accelerating Digital Innovation in EU Enterprises

A game-changing alliance: Lyvia Group partners up with Gigaspaces

A global pioneer in the in-memory computing domain and the company behind Smart DIH – one of the world’s first out-of-the-box Digital Integration Hubs.

Over the past few years, GigaSpaces has been working closely with Lyvia, winning new business and delivering its technologies to companies in Sweden such as Avanza Bank, Folksam, Levler, and SEBx. The new partnership agreement with Lyvia is expected to replicate this success outside of Sweden, significantly increasing the exposure of GigaSpaces’ solutions to enterprises and large organisations across all our Europe.

GigaSpaces offers an ultra high-performance in-memory solution that ensures smooth and reliable data delivery to front-end applications, even when faced with extremely high traffic volumes and demand peaks. The company’s flagship product, Smart DIH, is an operational data hub that powers real-time modern applications, simplifying the process of accessing organizations’ internal data sources.

Ola Stafström, Head of Growth at Lyvia Group, said:

“We’re currently witnessing a digital transformation and AI rush, that forces many organizations to rethink their data architecture and how it impacts their business strategy. This growing appetite for high-performance data management solutions is the base for our partnership with GigaSpaces, alongside the successful track record that this company has had with companies in Sweden so far”.

Trading platform Levler built on GigaSpaces

The latest company in Sweden to have publicly announced that GigaSpaces is powering its back-end stack is Levler, a purely-digital savings and trading platform, that has recently expanded its platform to offer a wide range of equity trading. In explaining why Levler decided to choose GigaSpaces over other vendors or home-grown solutions, the company’s Co-Founder & COO Donald Harding, said:

“We were familiar with GigaSpaces and we knew they had a proven track record within in-memory technology to run trading in other financial services providers in the region. So, for us going with GigaSpaces was a natural choice. We looked for a scalable, event-driven platform that we could trust during trading peaks, facing a surge of real-time updates – such as stock prices or large volumes of deals coming in. Our customers expect our platform to always show fresh data and be fully responsive to execute their orders – and these are exactly our expectations from GigaSpaces. So far, we’re happy with what we’re seeing”.

GigaSpaces CEO about the partnership

3D Capacity

Adi Paz, CEO Gigaspaces

GigaSpaces CEO Adi Paz expressed his optimism on the new partnership with Lyvia:

“We are truly humbled to be partnering with such a strong technology powerhouse. For us, this is an opportunity to spread our solutions across Europe, to countries such as Spain, UK, and Poland – where Lyvia has a strong presence”.

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